The Green500 List and its Continuing Evolution BoF

The Green500, entering its eighth year, encourages sustainable supercomputing by raising awareness in the energy efficiency of such systems. This BoF will present (1) evolving metrics, methodologies, and workloads for energy-efficient HPC, (2) trends across the Green500, including the trajectory towards exascale, and (3) highlights from the latest Green500 List. In addition, the BoF will discuss a collaborative effort between Green500, Top500, and EE HPC WG to improve power measurement while running a workload, such as HPL, and solicit feedback from the HPC community. The BoF will close with an awards presentation, recognizing the most energy-efficient supercomputers in the world.

All of the presentations from this BoF can be found on the Green500 website: SC'14 Birds of a Feather Presentations