Speaker's Bureau

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Why an EE HPC WG speakers’ bureau?

The purpose of the speaker’s bureau is two fold.  It provides

  1. A forum to allow members to learn from one another’s expertise by encouraging presentations with an opportunity for feedback, questions and answers. 
  2. To maintain a list of potential speakers for use by other groups looking for same.  The working group does not endorse any of the speakers, and the speakers are under no obligation to accept invitations to speak. 

These forums can feature industry speakers, but should not be marketing or sales collateral for products or services.

Would you like to find a speaker?

This page is designed to link groups interested in hearing about energy efficient high performance computing (HPC) with people who have technical expertise or experiences to share.  It is a VOLUNTEER speakers' bureau, a listing of those who are willing to give of their time to speak to interested groups.   We invite interested parties to contact these volunteers for speaking or other appropriate engagements.

DISCLAIMER:  The EE HPC WG does not endorse these speakers.  It is the responsibility of the individuals contacting them to insure that appropriate steps are taken to assess the speaker’s abilities, qualifications and knowledge of the subject matter as well as the correctness and usefulness of the speech and supporting material.  

All speakers listed on this page have indicated their willingness to share their experiences and/or knowledge FREE OF CHARGE (although travel expenses may need to be paid).  As volunteers, they offer their services on the basis of their available time and resources and are under no obligation to accept speaking invitations. 

To make it easier for you to find the speaker(s) you are looking for, we have provided their name, organizational affiliation, a short biography, the subject areas they could speak to and their geographical location.  

Would you like to volunteer as a speaker?

Help us build a comprehensive list of speakers for those who are working on energy efficient HPC by adding your name to our database.   You don't have to be a polished, professional speaker, ...  just someone who has expertise or experience with energy efficient HPC and a willingness to share. 

This is NOT intended to be a marketing vehicle for specific products or services.  Please do NOT sign up if your intent is to market products or services.

Please sign up if you are interested.  Speaker Submission Form:

How we will encourage speaking opportunities?

o      Soliciting and publishing on the EE HPC WG website a list of members who, given certain caveats, would be willing to speak.  This list would include the member’s name, organizational affiliation, a short biography, the subject area (focus, problem, thesis, etc.) which they could speak to and their geographical location.  

o      Hosting EE HPC WG organized webinars featuring speakers from the list and/or invited non-members.

o      Using the list to help with organizing technical program submissions promoting energy efficient HPC for key conferences (e.g., SCXX and ISC).

o      Soliciting feedback from members via a survey on subjects they’d like to learn more about.