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The Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Working Group is open to all interested parties.  Please contact us if you would like to join the Working Group or any of the Sub-groups.

There are ~500 members from 20 different countries. The membership composition is mostly from US DOE and other governmental agencies, but also includes participants from industry, academe and international organizations.

A list of all members of this Working Group is available upon request.  Please use this list only for the business of this working group.


Natalie Bates, EE HPC WG and Anna Maria Bailey, LLNL are co-leads for the Working Group.  

David Grant, ORNL and David Martinez, SNL are co-leads for the Infrastructure Energy Efficiency Metrics and Benchmarking Sub-Group.  

John Shalf, LBNL and Erich Strohmaier, LBNL are co-leads for the Computing Systems Energy Efficiency Metrics and Benchmarking Sub-Group.

Anna Maria Bailey, LLNL and Marriann Silveira, LLNL are co-leads for the Conferences Sub-Group.